ESPA Meets Kämp Spa - Signature Treatments

A collection of signature wellness experiences designed by ESPA exclusively for Kämp Spa, to unwind busy mind and evoke true feeling of Helsinki while generating outstanding results for mind and body.


Day Spa Packages

There are so many days in the year. Why not dedicate few of them to your wellbeing? With our blissfull packages you can take the time to really relax and enjoy yourself. Come alone or bring a loved one.


Massage & Body Treatments

Our solution led massages are designed and tailored specifically to ensure you experience the best physical and emotional therapeutic benefits depending on your needs.



Our results-driven facials are world-renowned to defy the effects of life lived on your skin.
Reduce lines and wrinkles visibly. Rejuvenate your joi de vivre. And let your age remain a beautifully well-kept secret.


For Mother to Be

Thoughtfully designed for this special time of life our pre and post-natal treatments gently ease tension and achy muscles with massage to safe areas and gently hydrating product.



Our ESPA face and body treatments for men are specifically tailored to your skin type, each one designed specifically to ensure you experience the best physical and therapeutic benefits depending on your needs.


Foot treatments

For effective foot care or you just want to pamper yourself after a long day, Kämp Spa offers the best solutions to your feet. We always take care of the well-being of your feet, from hardenings to your nails.


On The Go

Had a long day of meetings and only have 25 minutes before that important dinner? Want to boost your treatment with a particular requirement? If yes, the ESPA express is for you.



Sugaring and waxing are gentle, effective and hygienic hair removal techniques. The products are made from natural ingredients and they do not irritate the skin or cause allergies.


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