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Welcome to the oasis of wellness 

The hustle of everyday life recedes the moment you step into Kämp Spa. The soothing power of nature is present in every meticulously designed detail of the spa, from the carefully selected furniture to the lovely flower vases on the reception desk. All is to create a sense of serenity for both the mind and the body.

Whether you are in search of a well-appointed gym or a pampering moment on the massage table and inside the warm saunas, you can always find a place for yourself at Kämp Spa. Let us accompany you in the journey of finding inner peace.

A philosophy of holistic treatment

Being the only spa that specializes in the luxury ESPA, Kämp Spa inherits the holistic philosophy and delivers consistent quality through unique hand-picked ESPA products and treatments created to reflect the city and its local culture while being tailored specifically to your needs.

ESPA holistic treatments integrate ancient wisdom with modern techniques. Designed by a team of biochemists, dermatologists and aromatherapists, all ESPA products are made of active ingredients extracted from natural sources.

Relaxing above the rooftops

After a refreshing and relaxing treatment, prolong the sense of wellbeing by sampling the luxurious beverages and light reads on the heated divans in the Spa Lounge. 

Sauna Magic

A sacred ritual of the Finns, sauna is the embodiment of relaxation, eternity, and recuperation, where time stands still the moment the steam caresses your body. All treatments at Kämp Spa include admission to the sauna department, consisting of a traditional Finnish sauna and a eucalyptus-scented steam bath. 

Warmly welcome to experience a part of the Finnish culture.

Warmest of welcome

We are here for you. You can drop in for a moment or stay here until evening. Minimum age limit is 16.

Kämp Spa Kluuvikatu 4B, 8th floor 00100 HELSINKI, FINLAND puh. +358 9 5761 1330 info@kampspa.fi

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