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ESPA Massages

When we lose the ability to relax our body, feelings of angst and sleeplessness can overwhelm us.  ESPA massages use effective relaxation techniques and soothing essential oils to offer indulgent stress relief. Nourishing oils soften the skin and relax your mind bringing you back into harmonious balance.

Hot Stone Massage

A combination of our classic massage and hot stone therapy, this treatment enters a deeper dimension of relaxation, and well-being. The heat from mineral stones allows for a slow release of fatigue and tension from the muscles. Deeply relaxing, and deeply effective!
Duration and price
50 min/ 110 €
80 min/ 149 €

Aromatherapy Massage 

A therapeutic full body massage using blends of essential oils personally selected for your individual needs. This deeply relaxing and aromatic massage works along the pressure points of the body using slow massage techniques to suit your needs and essential oils known for their healing properties; which are inhaled and absorbed through the skin to achieve your desired results. 

You will choose the aromatherapy oil with your therapist according to your wishes. 

Please note that aromatherapy is NOT deep-tissue massage and this massage therapy is performed also by our beauty therapists. If you wish for deep-tissue massage please reserve our Classic Massage.

Duration and price  
50 min/99 €
80 min/139€

Balinese Massage 

This massage uses long, warming strokes to encourage complete calm and wellbeing. Gently heated aromatherapy oils are poured onto the centre of the body and massaged into the skin using long, stretching, sweeping movements for deep relaxation. This soothing and indulgent massage leaves your mind, body and spirit soothed and relaxed.
Duration and price
50 min / 110 €  without hot stones
80 min / 149 €  with hot stones

Reflex Zone Foot Massage

Foot massage is an essential element of Chinese culture and tradition and is an ancient form of therapy.  Many cultures believe that the foot mirrors the body’s systems. By massaging specific reflex points and meridians on the feet balance can be achieved in the functions of the body, creating an overall sense of wellbeing.  Concentrating solely on the feet and lower legs, this treatment helps to relax the entire body and mind, ground energy and regulate the movement of Qi through the body.
Duration: 50 min
Price: 99 €

Espa express 25min

You may combine these treatments with other treatments or reserve separately.
Shoulder, neck and scalp massage
Neck, back and shoulder massage
Invigorating foot treatment (scrub+massage)
Duration:   25 min
Price:   60 € (reserved separately with usage of sauna department 70 €)

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