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Fitness & personal programme

Total wellness consists of both physical and mental balance, which can be achieved through frequent exercises, appropriate diet, and adequate rest.

Recognizing the all-time need of staying healthy and relaxed, Kämp Spa offers the versatile Kämp Club Wellness Concierge services, aiming to provide useful tips and advice in order to help you be at your best, always. The services are available for both Kämp Club members and Kämp Spa customers.

The annual Kämp Club Membership 

The membership includes one training program and two practice meetings. The first meeting is a one-on-one interview between you and your personal trainer, discussing your goals and requirements throughout the training process, thus allowing us to build a training program that personally suits you. The second meeting focuses on getting you in the correct forms and movements through our brief training session. 

Kämp Club Wellness Concierge

The Kämp Club Wellness Concierge is held twice per week at the Host Club for all Club Members and Spa guests, providing tips and techniques advice to get you in the right shape. Our professional coaches always have a “Day Workout” booklet at hand during Host Hours to ensure you will not miss your training even when you forget your training plan at home.

Customized Diet plan

Upon request, our Personal Trainers will assist you in building a suitable diet plan to support your goals and give the right boost to your rigorous training.

Check out our Personal Training services

Should you have further questions, contact our Kämp Club Wellness Concierge

Vesa Vuorenmaa | Tel: 045 238 3469

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